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We can supply many kinds of  Point-Fixed Glass wall fittings , Such as Spider , Connector , Routel , glass clamp and so on .

We also can make the non-standard products according to your drawing.

Routel series
Spider  series
Connector series
Glass Clamp series
Blastrade Connector series
Decoration Banister series
Steel Cable Anchor series
Tension Rod Truss  series
Hose Clamp Series
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Cable Long Truss

Type: SF

Cable Long Truss

Type: SFA

Tension Rod Head

Type : G01

Tension Rod Long Truss

 Type: GC

Tension Rod Long Truss

 Type : GD

Tension Rod Long Truss

 Type: GDA

Tension Rod Long Truss

 Type: GF

Tension Rod Long Truss

 Type: GFA

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